Saturday, 17 November 2012

NZ - Day 6

So this morning I had a bit of a shock. Came upstairs after awakening from my slumber (our bedroom is downstairs - very strange) and there was a dead bird in the middle of the floor. Poor little Rolf. Let me explain: When we first got to Lee and Penny's (the two darlings whom we are staying with in Wellington) we were a bit early so we camped out on their drive. During this camping out, a bird began to sing. Ryan immediatly picked up on this and decided that it sounded like the animal hospital theme tune and named the bird Rolf. Now Rolf is dead. We assume one of the two evil cats did it (L & P have two cats that both hate me; one wants to eat my flesh and the other gives me evil eyes constantly) so yeah, interesting morning and its not even 10!

So, other news - we went into Wellington, they do amazing milkshakes here and we saw Charles and Camilla (as ya do) then we had James' birthday - spent the day in the zoo and then me and Ryan cooked him steak and cake for dinner (we decided that we were the fairy's from Sleeping Beauty during this - quite comical) and yeah... the other days we have stayed in PJ's and watched films as the weather has not been amazing. I also ate the most amazing burger in my life. I may have died and gone to food heaven.

Tomorrow we set sail for Nelson. Am sure there will be plenty to tell of the journey over so yesh....

D xx

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Finally Here!

I have decided that I dislike long haul flights. After a quite relaxed flight from Heathrow to LAX (Lovely food btw. I could so get used to that!) we had a very strange security check and wait in America (I am possibly now on an American crime system or something...) we had the second flight.....

Oooh, the second flight - according to the pilot, this was the worst flight he had undertaken in around 2 years. Oh joy. So, after dinner the plane suddenly starts shaking uncontrollably. This is made worse by the fact we still have all the dinner rubbish on our trays, practically in our laps. So, plane shakes, I have a minor freak out and yeah, 12 hours later, finally here!

Place is beautiful, people are lovely, and after a 14 hour sleep (SOOOOOOOOOO  GOOD!) I am finally ok to say -

Hellooooooooo Wellington!

D, xx

Sunday, 4 November 2012

In A Week's Time....

Ok, so in a weeks time, I shall be sitting in a Heathrow Lounge an hour away from jetting off to New Zealand for 3 months (or something to that effect... I haven't flown before, so ya'know, may be entirely wrong). It's all come so fast and I am uber excited.

This blog is basically designed so that you lucky people can catch up with the finer and more interesting details that won't necessarily be shown on sites such as Facebook... and, plus, I like showing off ;)

So, sit back and join me on my adventure!

Daniel, x